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Wedding Receptions

  • Are you looking for unique and fresh entertainment for the biggest day of your life? 
  • Are you considering a DJ because all other entertainment is out of your budget?
  • Having the "typical wedding band" is not what you really want, because they are not interactive, too loud for Grandma and you've seen it at tons of other receptions?
  • Budget wearing you out so that you feel you have to trim important areas of the Wedding (like the dress), to have the reception you've always dreamed of with amazing, unforgettable entertainment ? 
  • Spike Blake - Half of Dueling Pianos is the most unique AND affordable entertainment you will find to add to the biggest day of your life!      
  • First dance songs custom emcee'd, then seamlessly transition into an electric interactive show.
  • He's a phenomenal band- interactive DJ, and incredible entertainer -all in ONE!



Wedding Reception Video

Wedding Reception REVIEWS / Testimonials

Josh Kayser / Ashley Meyers -  Wedding reception – As a bride that likes to party and dance I was looking for something different for my reception. I didn’t want just another DJ that stands silently and plays songs off his ipod. I wanted and needed interaction and entertainment that would guarantee a good time for everyone; Spike nailed it!!  I knew the cost was going to be considerably more than the DJ route, but one of the most important aspects of a memorable reception is the entertainment, and it was the best value for the money of my whole wedding experience!

It wasn’t 5 minutes after Spike took that stage that the entire dance floor was packed. There wasn’t a moment where the dance floor and area surrounding the stage was empty. Whether Spike had them singing, doing funny things or dancing, I’ve never been to another wedding reception where I’ve seen so many people having so much fun. After the reception I received numerous compliments from guests stating it was the best reception they’ve ever been to, including me. And for as long as I can remember I’ve always had one requirement for my reception and that was for people to dance and have fun. Spike came through and made my reception into what I had always imagined. This wedding reception will be hard to top!!

 I would recommend HALF OF DUELING PIANOS to anyone who wants to put on a good party.  Spike was AWESOME!


Spike Blake was FANTASTIC!!!

We would recommend him for any event with any type of crowd.  We were searching around for entertainers for our wedding when I came upon Spike.  I wondered how a 1/2 dueling piano would work and if the crowd would enjoy it, so I looked into it further.  When we spoke on the phone, Spike was great in giving me examples of his work and was very friendly and knowledgeable.  I decided to take the risk and go for it.  And it was one of the best decisions around our wedding we made

His follow up was above excellent.  Before our event he touched base with us and our event coordinator to make sure everything would be perfect! He takes care of the details from stage set up, to performance, and even let use his sound system for announcements and dinner music.  He has a wide variety of music that he plays, sings, DJ's, you name it, I'm pretty sure he can do it!  

I was nervous, even though Spike put me at ease, as our guest list was very diverse and most said they were unwilling to get up and be silly.  Boy were we wrong! I even told Spike at the beginning before I booked him there was NO WAY I would get up and sing or do anything  silly and then suddenly, through only choices of my own free will (because Spike remembered I said I was shy) found myself singing the Star Spangled Banner of all things!

We had told him about a College Rivalry and he even brought our fight songs in.  Superb in all ways! Everyone had a BLAST.  Ages and personalities ranged from toddlers, to teens, 20's, 30’s all the way up to my grandma in her 80's. Spike included them all!  And from non-drinkers to the drinkers and kids to adults, all across the board, everyone had sooo much fun.  My grandma even said from the weddings she's been to in her lifetime (and she's been to a lot) this was the most fun she's ever had at a reception.

So, thanks again Spike! We will be able to cherish these memories forever!   --

Tara & Joe "Bones"  Bonewitz  Wedding Date: 10-26-13


This is a response letter to a bride looking to hire “Half of Dueling Pianos Show” from Trent Vargason who is the groom from a past reception where Spike performed.

Congrats on the wedding!!! 

I’m sure I had all of the same questions if not more than what you have currently.  I’ll try to answer all of them and add my 2 cents.

 We loved  the Half of Dueling Pianos Show and Spike Blake himself.  He was extremely flexible and met our every need.  The music was awesome and the mood of the party was fabulous as well.  I wanted to do something that wasn’t the norm.  No DJ or regular band.  The piano was the perfect fit.  I was leery of it at first only because of cost and because I didn’t want my wedding reception to turn into a drunk karaoke party.  It was nowhere near that.  There were times where I as the groom and my wife would go up on stage and dance and sing, but I think that was maybe 3 times the whole night.  It was fun and got the crowd interested and interacting with the music. 

I don’t think you would have to worry about the crowd.  The people that dance are going to get up and dance, and the people that don’t, they just sit there and watch.  Instead of boring band monotone music, its lively and fun to watch and keeps everyone entertained.  I think most if not all of my guests stayed until after Spike was done preforming and then the early folks left and the party continued, but in the DJ music fashion, which allows you to play whatever kind of music you are into.

The cost was more than a band or DJ, but I think it was well worth it.  I figured I’m only getting married once and might as well make it memorable.  Most people have never been to a wedding with dueling pianos and there were many people that were talking about it for weeks to come.  It was a huge hit!

2 Dueling piano players vs. Half of dueling pianos Show…  I went with half, which honestly I really didn't notice that 2 people weren't on stage; it allowed for more interaction with the wedding party and the guests.  Spike did an amazing job at keeping everyone into it. I would do the half again if I had to do redo it-period! 

Overall I would highly recommend Spike and his dueling pianos, whether it be the half or full show.  The one and only regret I have from my wedding, is that I was too nice of a guy and tried to go and talk to everyone that was there, instead of doing a better job at splitting my time between the guests and the piano show.  I felt like I missed the entertainment some of the night, which stinks cuz it was awesome.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask any other questions that you have.  Have a super awesome time at your wedding and I’ll be looking for my invite in the mail so I can see the wonderful Spike Blake in action again!

Take Care

Trenton Vargason



From years of experience I’ve found that too much of any one thing gets boring - I. E. playing mostly Billy Joel/ Elton John piano type songs for the entire event—SO having the ability to sound and feel like an entire band, several years ago I added that dimension to my usual dueling pianos and comedy show…( it was a huge success). – Then seeing over and over that later in ALL events the audience loosened up and was willing and ready to dance, sing and possibly get on stage; BUT they needed that undeniable and recognizable song  (not just plucked out on piano, but the original) that made them jump up and start singing and dancing...… So I added incredibly interactive DJ hits to the show and it took the whole event to another level. That is MULTI DIMENSIONAL and FRESH!

Typically bands are not interactive and play just a few of the songs people really want to hear. DJ’s can play pretty much any song, but WOW do they get old after a while! I'm sure you see the trend here. Most all other forms of entertainment are 1 dimensional... NOT a Half of Dueling Pianos Show!

All in one-trans.png

Clean-Fun Wedding Reception show options

  1. 60 min. High Impact Wildly Interactive Show - followed by a 30 min. interactive DJ dance hits segment - then Spike sits down at the piano again for a final 30 min. of crazy all out fun, interaction and dance sing along from Half of Dueling Pianos
  2.  (2) 45 min. High Impact Wildly Interactive Shows -with a 30 min. interactive DJ dance hits segment in-between.
  • We offer pre-show background iPod music through our HD surround sound system (at NO CHARGE) from the start of your event until Half of Dueling Pianos Show takes the stage. 
  • Extra time can be purchased - here are the options:

1) 45 min set of Half of Dueling Pianos 

2) One hour of interactive DJ hits. 

Show Structure example


For Example -(this is just an example) - Let’s Take A 6 Hour wedding reception Where People Start Arriving At 6 Pm --

  • We offer customized background iPod music to start at that time; (this is likely where the mingle and talk segment would be). This is valuable time for relatives and friends who come in for the wedding from different parts of the country and would probably last an hour or so.
  • Then at 7 pm* dinner is served. Customized background iPod music continues through dinner.
  • At 8 pm* there might be speeches, slide show presentation etc... this typically lasts about 60 min or so.
  •  At 9 pm* Spike Blake - Half of Dueling Pianos Show is introduced and the first part of the show begins for a High Impact interactive 60 minutes.  If there are first dances, Spike emcees those and provides the specific songs here – then seamlessly launches into his incredible show comprised of playing requests, getting people to sing along, getting people up to sing and/or do fun or funny things, Spikes patented stupid jokes and phenomenal vocal and musical performances. Sometimes garter and bouquet tosses are done within this time.
  • Now it's 10 pm* and the 30 min. interactive DJ dance hits segment begins ( I.E Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide etc...) people ALWAYS pack the dance floor at this time.                    
  • At 10:30 pm* Spike takes the stage again with Half of Dueling Pianos. By this time people are revved up and partying. Because Spike has the ability to sound and feel like an entire band, he keeps the momentum going with dancing, singing, and sing along hits until 11 pm*                                                                                            
  • At this time there is usually an encore immediately followed by "cool down" music as last call is announced generally about 11 pm*. And often times the Bride & Groom have exited- (as if they have something better to do--LOL).                                                                                                                                                 
  • Now if the party is still “on fire” and the venue allows it, the client (Father or Mother of the bride usually) might request more music. If this happens ( for an additional charge) we offer another 45 min. set of dueling pianos entertainment –or— Spike’s highly interactive DJ hits getting people up to sing on multiple mics and dance for another hour. Our “overtime” offerings are specially designed for songs that usually are not played in regulation time and by their nature create yet another dimension to the entertainment of the event.

* times are not exact and are subject to segments going long and skewing the time frame (typical reception fare) relax --Don't worry about!