Performance criteria

Dueling pianos Audience Participation is key

 Please keep this in mind as you read through the below points.

1 – We prefer our show to start at least 30 minutes after dinner. It’s very difficult to get people to sing and yell with food in their mouths :)

2 – We ask that there be NO competing activities during our performance. (I.E. – poker tables, silent auctions, photos shoots or booths etc….

3 – We ask that all bars be located in the same room with us and if possible, close to the stage. It’s human nature to “hang out” at the bar. So if the bar is close to us, so are the bar hanger outers (is that a word?).

4 – To maximize the success of your entertainment experience with us, we strongly suggest that multiple areas to hang out in are not an option for guests. This disperses the crowd and makes it extremely difficult to gain momentum, continuity, to connect and interact with the audience.                                                                              

We also suggest a “talk and mingle” segment be added to the event that occurs before the start of our show.

5 – Regarding layout of the room—In order to achieve our goal of giving the audience the highest level of impact , we coordinate with the client to determine the stage and dance floor placement. It’s also very crucial to have the people and tables as close in to us as possible. This is VERY important to connectivity and interaction.

6 – Regarding sound pressure level and volume—We take great pride in the fact that we are the only dueling pianos based acts to offer the highest quality HD sound and light system available (which greatly enhances the clients entertainment experience). We have many years of experience in not only the field of high level entertainment, but the VERY important (and too often overlooked) field of sound reinforcement and  production. What is sound pressure level? people ask – simply put, It’s what your body needs, to feel the music your ears are hearing. In short, we are experts in helping you to hear and feel the music at the most comfortable, yet effective levels.