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Fundraisers / Charity Events / Galas

Spike Blake - Half of Dueling Pianos is the perfect choice for fundraisers! Dueling pianos based entertainment is a "Big Draw" to get people to attend, and Spike fits most all budgets for fundraising entertainment.  PLUS  Half of Dueling Pianos Show exclusively offers the "Dueling for Dollars" program that helps offset the cost.


Fundraising Video

Fundraiser Testimonial

Our hospital Foundation held its 7th annual Gala in early October.We hired  “ Half of Dueling Pianos Show” for our evening’s entertainment. Spike Blake was a blast to work with.In year’s past, we've hired a wide variety of entertainment for this event from magicians to comedians and even bands.  We've had a difficult time keeping our audiences’ attention and usually end up losing the crowd before 10pm. This year, with “ Half of Dueling Pianos” we had partiers until 11:30; and we literally had to kick people out!  At one point, there was a Conga line that lasted through 2 songs!                                                                     Everyone really enjoyed Spike’s program, from doctors & nurses to our community donors, everyone loved the show. He took requests and could play just about anything that was asked.  He also had a keen ability to read the taste of a crowd and played music that appealed to all audiences!

Dueling Pianos is a TON of fun but… if you’re on a tight budget you will not believe what Half of Dueling Pianos can deliver!  Tight budget or not,  Spike Blake - Half of Dueling Pianos Show is just as much fun-- actually I'd say More than  the regular dueling pianos!

Thank you Spike for showing us a good time!!!

Aimee Meyer

Foundation/Community Relations Director

Nevada Regional Medical Center


From years of experience I’ve found that too much of any one thing gets boring - I. E. playing mostly Billy Joel/ Elton John piano type songs for the entire event—SO having the ability to sound and feel like an entire band, several years ago I added that dimension to my usual dueling pianos and comedy show…( it was a huge success). – Then seeing over and over that later in ALL events the audience loosened up and was willing and ready to dance, sing and possibly get on stage; BUT they needed that undeniable and recognizable song  (not just plucked out on piano, but the original) that made them jump up and start singing and dancing...… So I added incredibly interactive DJ hits to the show and it took the whole event to another level. That is MULTI DIMENSIONAL and FRESH!

 Typically bands are not interactive and play just a few of the songs people really want to hear. Magicians & hypnotists are fun for 30 minutes or so, but then it usually gets boring. Vegas nights are exciting for a while, then it starts getting old. I'm sure you see the trend here. Most all other forms of entertainment are 1 dimensional... NOT a Half of Dueling Pianos Show!

With Half of Dueling Pianos you get all request dueling pianos and comedy / a kickin’ dance band / and highly interactive DJ hits  ---- ALL IN ONE!!! --          -it's entertaining and fresh from beginning to end. 


Fundraiser Charity Clean-Fun Show Options

  1. Fundraising/ Gala event- "sit down" concert style - 60 min. High Impact Wildly Interactive Show
  2. Fundraising/ Gala event- "party atmosphere" - 75 min. High Impact Wildly Interactive Show with 15 min. DJ cool down after
  3. Fundraising/ Gala Party- 60 min. High Impact Wildly Interactive Show - followed by a 30 min. interactive DJ dance hits segment  then Spike sits down at the piano again for a final 30 min. of all out crazy fun, interaction and dance sing along from Spike Blake - Half of Dueling Pianos
  • We offer pre-show background iPod music through our HD surround sound system (at NO CHARGE) from the start of your event until Half of Dueling Pianos Show takes the stage.
    • Extra time can be purchased - here are the options:

      1) 45 min set of Half of Dueling Pianos 

      2) One hour of interactive DJ hits.