HD surround sound - l.e.d. lighting

Dueling piano Sound system is incredibly important

  • The sound system and the ability of the operator of the sound is the most OVERLOOKED and important aspect of nearly all dueling pianos based acts. The correct sound system and sound engineer can make you feel the intended emotion of the music, singing and spoken word at comfortable and enjoyable volume levels.
  • The wrong sound system ( usually too small and of poor quality ), coupled with an clueless engineer can absolutely ruin an event.
  • THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AT A HALF OF DUELING PIANOS SHOW! Spike is a master sound engineer and understands the impact, philosophy and importance of having a stellar sound system and sound pressure level for every event.
  • The importance of this can not be stressed enough in the quest to achieve success at each show- says Spike. So, rest assured that when you hire Spike Blake - Half of Dueling Pianos for your event, you will receive the best sound and live sound experience available.

Lighting sets the mood

The L.E.D. lighting is a very important aspect of the show as well. The job of the lights are first and foremost to "light up" the entertainer. That is accomplished at a Half of Dueling Pianos Show, but taken even further by employing the right amount of "state of the art" lighting to stage in order to achieve movement, emotion and excitement. The lights are driven by a top notch lighting sequencer built into Spike's baby grand piano replica. At his control, is the entire light show. So when he feels the need to change the mood or excitement of the song or moment, who better than the person in charge of the show at the controls.


A dueling pianos sound system and audio engineer should make you feel the intended emotion of the music, singing, sing along and spoken word at comfortable and enjoyable volume levels. Whether it's comedy, live entertainment , dueling pianos , karaoke, dueling piano bar, concert, party, corporate events or a dance, visual and audio is of primary importance.