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Typical Dueling piano players

In order to succeed in the dueling piano clubs you need to be able to achieve a certain level of confidence and a substantial repertoire. Your repertoire will need to consist of certain "sing-along" classic songs as well as a healthy sample of current hits. I can't tell you which current hits to pick as that always changes and you never know which songs are going to last. What I can do is give you a comprehensive list of 50 songs that you MUST know in order to even begin playing in such an environment. After playing a relatively short time in the gig, you will develop a much larger repertoire and you will be surprised how easy the new songs come to you when you learn them live with another player. It's getting enough of the right songs to do the gig to begin with that can be the hardest step.

The songs....... 
Keep in mind when learning these songs that you need to plan places where the audience can sing. It is audience participation you are going for here, not a concert with only you as the performer.

play piano in the style of a dueling piano bar - learn how  

If you are interested in playing the dueling piano style, and actually becoming a performer, there are a couple of ways in which you can do this. Firstly, approach the Entertainment Director of any dueling piano club and ask him/her if they have any openings. Ask for an audition. If you pass the audition, a training session should immediately take place within a few days. Dueling piano players are specially trained to do what they do. Not just any piano player can get up there and do it. 

There are call downs, beckon and call routines, commands and bits. 

The delivery of the songs is specific and not always like the recording.

Become A Piano Player  (actual ad from a national chain).

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