NOT the typical dueling pianos

Why is Spike Blake - Half of Dueling Pianos Show different?

  The short answer would be ... EMOTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT!



From years of experience I’ve found that too much of any one thing gets boring - I. E. playing mostly Billy Joel/ Elton John piano type songs for the entire event—SO having the ability to sound and feel like an entire band, several years ago I added that dimension to my usual dueling pianos and comedy show…( it was a huge success). – Then seeing over and over that later in ALL events the audience loosened up and was willing and ready to dance, sing and possibly get on stage; BUT they needed that undeniable and recognizable song  (not just plucked out on piano, but the original) that made them jump up and start singing and dancing...… So I added incredibly interactive DJ hits to the show and it took the whole event to another level. That is MULTI DIMENSIONAL and FRESH!

 Typically bands are not interactive and play just a few of the songs people really want to hear. Magicians are fun for 30 minutes, but then typically get  boring. Vegas nights are also fun but it gets old. I'm sure you see the trend here.

Other forms of entertainment are 1 dimensional... NOT a Half of Dueling Pianos Show!

With a Half of Dueling Pianos Show you get all request dueling pianos and comedy / a kickin’ dance band / and highly interactive DJ hits  ---- ALL IN ONE!!! --          -it's entertaining and fresh from beginning to end. 

See - Hear - Feel

All you need to do is watch the videos and it will be very evident as to the difference you will hear, feel and see!  Spike is full of emotion and it shows. It's most evident in his voice, but it's all over his playing, interaction, presentation, career and life.                                                                                        

 Spike is passionate about every aspect of his extensive career in the music business. He is very accomplished in the following fields and approaches each one with extreme seriousness, conviction and passion..

  • World class singer
  • Multi instrumentalist - piano, keyboards, drums, steel drums, percussion, guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, harmonica, and several more...
  • Master Entertainer
  • Master Songwriter (which is a big plus for making up songs on the spot). Was a staff songwriter in Nashville for 10 years.
  • Songwriting Instructor for Spike Blake Music songwriting academy.
  • Master recording engineer
  • Master Live sound engineer, consultant and instructor
  • Recording Producer
  • CEO of Spike Blake Music - Music Publishing / Production Company / Recording label

 Get What You Pay For!!!

 Or as we call it: "The high price of low cost" entertainment!

Recently I attended a high profile corporate event in which the company hired "piano players" from a local dueling pianos bar chain. This is what I witnessed along with 400 other people. This would NEVER  happen at a Half of Dueling Pianos SHOW 

  • The stage was not in the most conducive place in the room for maximum interaction... wrong location!
  • The sound system was 2 small speakers on poles... for 400 people!!!!!
  • The stage lighting was 2 bright white spots coming from the ceiling, arely lighting up the stage and blinding the players from seeing the audience.
  • The room lights were so low you could not see across the room, so there was NO way the piano players could have seen the crowd even if the 2 spots weren't in their eyes.
  • The songs from the request slips they received were played in whatever order they happen to pick them up. No cohesiveness, no thought, no momentum --NO show!  
  • They had a handful of enthusiastic people on the massive dance floor (which took up 10 times as much valuable audience real estate as was needed). They did not communicate or connect with those dancers hungry for fun and a good time.
  • They did not talk to the audience at all, just zoomed from one request to the next.
  • They were OK players, but very mediocre singers... and as for entertainers........ 

Get More than You Pay For!

If Spike Blake- Half of Dueling Pianos Show was the entertainment, it would have gone more like this:

  • There would have been appropriate communication and advancement of the event by Spike and his team.
  • The stage would have been in the center of the room (in this particular case) with the audience all around and close into the stage. The dance floor would have likely been the perimeter of the area surrounding the stage.
  • The sound system would have been state of the art "QSC surround sound" with sub woofer appropriate for the amount of people attending. ( this is all determined in advance of the event).
  • The Stage lighting would have been sequenced L.E.D. washing the stage with warm color and detail.
  • The house lights would have been dimmed to the perfect level for the audience to see each other, Spike to see the entire room, and the mood at just the right temperature
  • Spike and his team would have collected information on the attendees and company management / employees in order to involve them in a fun thoughtful, exciting way into his show... and I mean SHOW.
  • Requests slips would have not only been on all the tables and the stage, but Spike would strongly encourage the crowd to fill them out. Then, ( with the help of his non musical assistant) he would have quickly viewed the requests, determining the best order possible to achieve momentum and excitement along with his reading of the room and collected info from the client ahead of time. Incredible cohesiveness, thought, momentum and ... a SHOW!
  • The entire audience would have been singing along and engaged. Dancers would have been ecstatic and involved. People would have been on stage singing doing fun and funny things. The room would have been electric and on fire!
  • Spike would have sang with unbelievable emotion and ability, played like Jerry Lee, and as for entertaining the crowd...   WOW!