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Dueling Pianos is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the Midwest and across the nation today. Half of Dueling Pianos Show is a completely unique twist on the dueling pianos concept. The typical dueling piano act that performs in dueling piano bars have drums and guitars thus making about 50% of their performances in effect, a band and the sound systems and audio techniques employed, are not the best.

Half of dueling pianos show IS Spike Blake-- master entertainer, world class vocalist and multi instrumentalist. When you hire half of dueling pianos, you get all request dueling pianos and comedy / a kickin’ dance band / and highly interactive DJ hits---- ALL IN ONE!!! --                

-it's entertaining and fresh from beginning to end.



Corporate entertainment has gotten a bit stale over the last 20 years, leaving event planners and corporate planning committees looking for fresh forms of entertainment for their seminars, parties and events. Bands are not interactive and play just a few of the songs people really want to hear. Magicians are fun for 30 minutes, but then typically get  boring. Vegas nights are also fun but it gets old. Do you see the trend here? All other forms of entertainment are 1 dimensional. NOT a Half of Dueling Pianos Show!

Half of Dueling Pianos is a mutli dimensional show that never gets old or boring thus making it the perfect entertainment solution to get the entire company involved in the sing along fun! Major corporate clients as well as smaller companies have hired Spike Blake to entertain and amaze their clients and employees for several years and at a very affordable price point.  

types of clients we contract with 

  • corporations
  • corporate planner
  • event planning
  • companies
  • party planners
  • talent agency
  • entertainment agency
  • individuals
  • brides
  • wedding planners
  • bars /clubs 
  • hotel resorts

Types of Clean-Fun Entertainment provided

I assume you have already watched the exciting YouTube Google video. Half of Dueling Pianos Show is many forms of entertainment. This is what makes Spike so unique. The types of entertainment he provides are:

  • corporate entertainment,
  • family entertainment,
  • holiday entertainment
  • live entertainment
  • convention entertainment
  • bar
  • city civic
  • college
  • comedy
  • company
  • concert
  • country
  • dueling piano show
  • event
  • seminar
  • wedding reception entertainment
  • wedding music
  • music
  • sing along
  • fun
  • halls

Wedding entertainment needs to be clean, fun and memorable. Half of Dueling Pianos Show is the perfect wedding music choice. Brides are always looking for a magical wedding day and the reception is a huge part of that "big day" experience.

You want your wedding entertainment to be unusual, interactive, fun and unforgettable. Unlike wedding bands or a DJ that brings flashy l.e.d. lights, a loud offensive sound system and no interactive skills, Spike Blake Half of Dueling Pianos Show will deliver a fresh, high impact and unique cap to the biggest day of your life. Your guests will be laughing, dancing, singing and totally engaged.

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen will help Spike to make your reception off the charts! They will be the "other half" of the dueling piano experience. He will have them as well as the bride and groom up singing and doing fun and funny things.

Because Half of Dueling Pianos Show is multi dimensional, and Spike is an incredible interactive DJ as well as a world class singer, entertainer and musician, he will have the dance floor packed! Songs like Baby Got Back, Paradise by the Dashboard light etc... give you an idea of the kind of fun you'll have!

The difference with Half of Dualing Pianos Show is that you get the highly interactive DJ hits in addition to the most popular dueling piano songs like Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Caroline and Pianoman. Lastly and often time one of the most important aspects of a wedding, Spike Blake's Half of Dueling Pianos Show will fit into your Budget.

Types of events and functions

Half of Dueling Pianos Show is huge for Charity Fundraisers because we are Half the price of quality dueling pianos and we couple that with our "dueling for dollars" program. This is where we put out request slips and ask that the audience add money to their request for songs, comedy, or good old fashion roasting of one of their friends  Then we give back all the tip money raised to the charity. There are no guarantees, but we have raised over $2000 in one show before. From Kansas City to Sioux City to your city, there is no better choice for fun and entertainment when it comes to raising money for your charity or cause!

Spike performs at just about every event or function there is. Here is a list of some:

  • events
  • special events
  • chamber of commerce events
  • corporate
  • corporate events
  • festivals
  • fairs
  • cruise ships
  • performing arts center
  • reunions
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • party
  • party event
  • private parties
  • holiday party
  • Christmas party
  • birthday parties
  • wedding
  • reception
  • rehearsal dinner
  • bachelorette parties
  • Shows
  • dance
  • sing along
  • sing in
  • theater or theatre
  • bar night club
  • country club...

Hallbrook country club, Mission Hills country club, Kansas City country club , The National country club , Loch Llyod country club, Shadow Glen country and golf club, Windsor country club, Ritz Carlton country club

Travel & Production 

  • Spike carries his own state of the art audio with High definition QSC  sound, lights ,piano and production. Sound system is included in the price usually up to 300 people or outdoor shows.
  • Half of Dueling Pianos Show is based out of the Midwest but travels the nation.

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